Week 12 – Breakup Blog

Is the lonely creeping in?

Hey beautiful!

It is so bittersweet to think this is our last week together however I am so grateful that you chose to have me by your side helping you get through the heartbreak.

It is completely ok if you feel like you heart still hurts and you lay awake at night feeling lonely, there is no direct time frame in which you will heal all we know is time will heal all.

This week I would love for you to work on being ok with being alone and gaining confidence in doing things solo. Calm down, I’m not talking about going to a bar and sitting at the bar drinking alone (even that gives me mass anxiety and I love being a lone wolf). I am talking about scheduling in at least 2-4 days every month to venture out of the house and take yourself on “me dates”.
Start small and do things alone such as;
-Going to the movies
-Sitting at sushi train
-Go clothes shopping or window shopping alone

And once you feel more confident you can then step up your “me dates” to actually taking yourself to a restaurant for dinner solo or even book a weekend away in your favourite hotel.

I promise you the more you do things alone you will fall in love with the quiet time, not feeling forced to talk, not sharing your food and just watching the world turn around you.

With every “me date” you schedule ensure you are present, slowly eat your food and enjoy it, read a book or just simply watch everyone around you, do not be glued to your phone, I personally keep my phone in my bag or my car the whole time.

There is so much opportunity to doing things alone outside of your comfort zone, you don’t know what new doors it will open or who you will meet?

If going out alone in public gives you anxiety, start super small, keep the activity simple, short and nice and local and just keep building up your confidence.

Once you are really starting to nail being alone and can appreciate that alone time I challenge you to do something super out of your comfort zone by finding a hobby or a group where you can create new friendships. Go join a gym if you haven’t already, go do a yoga class, a group fitness class, a meditation group etc.

And don’t settle, even when the loneliness creeps in at night, don’t settle for someone you know isn’t worth your time or someone you know won’t go anywhere. Be so comfortable in your own company that you aren’t fazed if the next one comes along or not because you know that you have you! No matter where the path leads, no matter what happens you don’t need saving, you have you.

I would love to know how the last 12 weeks have been for you and if you have had any small or big wins, feel free to shoot me a line at bekshealthyjourney@outlook.com

Thank you for sharing the last 12 weeks of your life with me beauty queen!
You got this sis!

In love and light

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