Breakup Blog – Week 11

Getting in touch with your sexual energy again.

What is happening girlfriennnn!

I hope you are having an amazing week so far!

This blog is honestly by far my favourite of the series due to the fact that we are going to be discussing all things sex and sexual energies.

Calm down Sharon, no need to scoff at your screen and spit your tea out; we will be keeping it mostly PG (emphasis on the mostly part).

Let’s face it, during long term and even some short term relationships the sex can become quite mundane and vanilla, due to this we can often lose our libido and we then label ourselves with “low sex drive” or “I think I’m broken”. I can promise you that you don’t have a low sex drive and you aren’t broken.

“Libido, libido, here libido” (yes I am calling out your libido) 😉

There are a few ways to re discover your libido and the first one I recommending is jumping online and buying yourself some new toys and by toys I mean sex toys! My personal favourite online sex shop is wild they have a huge range, extremely affordable and have after pay! The very first toy that I recommend you add to your cart is the Satisfyer Pro 2, this is hands down the only toy that you need and it will truly change your life.
Once this bad boy is delivered to your door cancel all your plans for the night, lock yo door, put on some porn and have as much pleasuring fun as you can handle.

The other way I recommend finding your libido is jumping on our dear friend tinder and organising some casual sex. Before you gasp and think “Im not that girl” take off your stereotypical glasses and bear with me for a minute whilst I lay it on the table. Casual sex with the right rules from both parties and permissions can work out perfectly for you to gain confidence and re discover your libido again without having to commit to someone long term before you are ready.

If you can get your hands on a fwb (friends with benefits) post breakup not only are they amazing company because they genuinely feel like a friend however they are also someone that you can feel safe and secure with and you both can learn what each other like and don’t like whilst teaching each other a thing or two.

So here are my tinder tips:
-Set up a short and sweet profile with the intention of looking for a fwb
-Do not be the girl that types in her bio “Looking for a 6 ft 6 man to take home to meet my mum” this is cringe worthy and every guy will be swiping left before they can blink
-Maximum 4 photos and ensure you have genuine photos, filter free showcasing your body
-Once you match with a guy these are my 4 questions that I ask them in order to get from A-B with minimal time wasted;
“What do you do for work?”
“Where do you live?”
“Who do you live with?”
“What are you after on here?”
The last question is literally the only important question you need to know, but you do have to ask the others to ensure they aren’t a homeless hobo who sleeps on his mums couch.

Weed out all of the guys looking for long term and all of the guys “looking for a reason to delete the app” (such a vom cliche when a guy says this).

-Once you discover that you are both after the same thing (something casual and regular) then get them on snapchat and ask them to send you a selfie that way you can ensure you are not being catfished beforehand and feel free to ask for a dp (dick pic) to ensure you won’t be wasting your time 😉

When you both do eventually meet up set some guidelines for your casual hookup, some of the guidelines I set up with my fwb’s are;
-We don’t hang out in the day time
-We don’t go on dates
-We don’t cuddle

Play the field sis! Have a few rotating fwb’s that way you aren’t seeing the same person each week and you are having a nice variety and most importantly STAY SAFE! Use protection, let your gfs know if you are going to their house and give your gf his address aswell. You can never be too cautious!

If you need any help with your tinder profile or need help with selecting your new toys shoot me an email at and I will be more then happy to help.

Until next week girl! Have fun and stay safe 😉

In Love and Light

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