Breakup Blog – Week 9

What are your values?

Hey gf!

Back in week 7 we spoke a little about filling your cup up and I really want to build on that in finding your value system and regaining those values.

Im going to shed some light on why relationships fall apart.

You enter into a relationship as two seperate people, you go to the gym and he likes to golf, you like to watch reality tv and he likes to watch horror movies, you like to stay in on your Friday night and he likes to sink beers with the boys.

When the both of you get into a relationship with each other it is new and fun, now because you both are so into each other you start abandoning your value system.

For example you start skipping the gym to spend more time with him after he gets home from work, he stops golfing on Sundays and instead hangs out with you. He starts watching your reality shows because horror scares the living shit out of you and gives you nightmares. Instead of spending time with the boys on a Friday night instead he is curled up on the couch next to you eating pizza.

And as this is happening its all assumed as the normality of a new relationship however by the both of you abandoning your values and instead taking on the other persons values before you know it you have lost the qualities that made you once attractive to the other person and now you are just in a relationship with another version of yourself.

Scary stuff right! So this week we are going to pick up your values right where you left them, which is probably on the couch next to the empty pizza box đŸ˜‰

I want you to write a list of all of the things that you did before getting into a relationship, the things that made you happy and the things that you truly enjoyed. For me a few of my things are going out dancing with my girls, spending time with my family, travelling regularly, adventure, brunches, going to the gym etc.

Now once you have the list (make it as big as you want) I want you to start removing items off the list of least importance to you, so for example as much as I love being adventurous if I had to chose between spending time with my family and going on adventures my family would come first every time.

I want you to keep crossing items on your list until you are left with 3 items.

Now that you are left with 3 items, these are your highest values and its upto you to regain them and live your life each day in accordance with those values.

I would love to know your values, send me a message via this blog or shoot me an email via

Until next week sister!
In love and Light


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