Week 8 – Breakup Blog

Tapping into your spiritual energy

Oh hey gurl!

How did you go with mapping out your calendar each day, week & month mapping out your Joy Menu?

This week we will be touching into our spiritual energy and how you can be zen with the your oneself.

Every morning without fail I always start my day by tapping into my spiritual energy and ensuring I start my day off on a high vibration. The world around us works on energy and vibration frequencies therefore in order for us to live more of an abundant life and a more fulfilling life our vibration levels need to be at a high level. Don’t get me wrong life is all about the ups and the downs therefore you will have moments where your vibration is low however starting your day off on a high vibration helps you maintain a high vibration even when everything goes to shit half way through your day 😉

Now more then ever your vibration will still be on the low side given you are going through a breakup therefore here are my go to activities to do each day to raise my vibration to a higher state;

Each morning I take time (generally 30 minutes) to sit by myself on the beach and write out a list of things that I am grateful for that have happened in the present, and with everything I write I make sure I feel it with tears in my eyes (happy tears) and a smile on my face. This is what my gratitude looks like; “I am so grateful for my abundance of health, I am so incredibly grateful that Zephaniah my daughter is also healthy, I am so so grateful for my beautiful lifestyle I live. I am so grateful that I am surrounded by like minded, driven and ambitious women each day”.

The next part of journaling my gratitude is to write about the things that are yet to occur, I write down things that I am grateful for as if they have already occurred such as; “I am so grateful for my six figure income, I am so insanely grateful for the thousands of women I have been able to help achieve over $1000 per month”. With every gratitude I write I ensure that again I feel all of the emotions and happiness as if it has already occurred.


Each morning I set aside 10-20 mins to take time to calm my mind through meditation.  I’ve always been someone that has a million thoughts and creative ideas happening at the same time and I will be doing three things at once at any given time therefore it’s easy for me to be struck with overwhelm.

I’ve been meditating daily for 18 months now and it improves not only my headspace but also my productivity.

When I first started meditating I had no idea where to start or what meditation was so I started off by following “guided meditations” on YouTube and then I downloaded the headspace app and use that. Now I’m confident to do my meditation without any guidance on the beach. However if you’re new to meditation I recommend following an app or a guided meditation via YouTube.

I cannot wait to hear how you go with this weeks exercise of doing small things each day to tap into your spiritual energy and raise your vibration. Until next week..

In love and light



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