Breakup Blog – Week 4

Lets get your financial freedom back and have you earning bank 🤑

Oh hey girl!
Before we delve into the fun financial stuff, id love to know how you went with last weeks tasks and those letters! Did you find it a healing process?

This week we are going to work on getting your financials in order and this doesn’t just only apply to whether you shared a joint account with your ex. This will apply to all circumstances, joint account or no joint account.

Lets delve into the most sticky of accounts first though..
If you and your ex partner shared a joint account I strongly recommend you open up a new account solely in your name and transfer 50% of the exiting funds from the joint account into your new account. And don’t leave this step out in the hopes that you will still be able to use the joint account together or because of pure laziness, trust me you will thank me later as this will avoid a headache down the track!

Don’t forget to update your employer of your new account information either.

Now that your accounts are sorted its time we start organising your pay each week, fortnight or month so that you are ahead of the bills and also have room in your pay for short term gratification items like getting your hair done, weekly brunches, solo movie dates, dinners with friends etc and more long term gratification items such as savings and investing.

I personally attended the Mastermind & Money Seminar in August of 2018 that was held by MJB Seminars and it was the most impactful life changing experience I have had to date and once I put into practice the wealth principles that we were shown I was able to get my finances in order and was able to let go of any stress relating to money especially being single and not having that extra stream of assistance from a partner. 

MJB hold their seminars across Australia therefore take a peep at this link gf and see if they are coming to your state soon:

Alternately if they won’t be coming to your state you can do their online course:

I see you girl, you better enrol into either one of those links attached, you will thank me later!

So by now the crying into your pillow each night has most likely stopped and you are finding that you have a lot of additional time on your hands therefore sis it is your time to shine and start a passion project or for a better term a side hustle! Something that lets your creative juices flow, fills up your time and earns you a little extra bank on the side 🤑

You can truly start any sort of side hustle nowa days, but I truly recommend starting a side hustle that aligns with your passions as it won’t feel like an additional job and you will enjoy putting time into it and watching your baby grow.

Some side hustles stem from hair care, makeup, skincare, water purification, aromatherapy oils, wholefood nutrition and the list goes on.

Take some time over the coming days to sit down and figure out the following:
-What are you passionate about in todays society?
-What experience do you have currently that could be beneficial for a side hustle?
-What would you like to gain from your new venture, whether that is more friends, more income, a space to be creative?

-If money was no object how would you spend your day? Would you prefer to live at the beach all day, everyday? Or would you jet off to another country? If so then a side hustle purely online would be more beneficial to you as you have the freedom to make an income whilst being a digital nomad.

With a side hustle/ passion project the opportunity is endless and it can lead you down many beautiful paths and it doesn’t have to be taken seriously, it can purely be used to as a time filler to pre occupy your mind and lonely nights.

I started my own little side hustle almost 2 years ago to help fill my time in as I was a stay at home mum who was bored out of her brain and was seriously lacking human connection. 2 years later and it has grown into a big passion project of mine allowing me to coach women through their health journeys around the world through my laptop.

If you are like me and believe in creating a path for women to gain their independence & confidence back through a social media community where we coach and mentor women online then check out this link for more information:
Be sure to holla at me once you’ve taken a peep as I’d love to personally catch up with you and help answer any questions you may have.

So lets recap your tasks for this week sis:
-Get your accounts in order
-Register for the MJB Mastermind & Money seminar
-Start a side hustle

I seriously cannot wait to catch up with you next week and see how you are coming along in this journey of confidence and independence, until then girl..

In gratitude & light

Bek Xx

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