Breakup Blog – Week 3

2 Copies (you burn one and you send one)

Hey sis!
I know we took some pretty big steps last week to close an old chapter however there is one more thing that we need to do to officially close the chapter and this requires its own week.

Deep breaths!

I want you to grab a notebook & a pen..

We are going to write a letter to your ex and there will be two copies of this letter you are going to write. The first letter you write I want you to address it to your ex, and I want you to write every emotional, upsetting, swear wording, vulgar thought that comes to mind, all of the things that you wish you could say to their face about how you are hurting. Yep that is right, here is your opportunity to leave it all on the table and let the emotions overflow from your heart onto the page (have tissues with you as the tears will be flowing).

There is no set target of pages or word count for this letter, write as big or as small of a letter you wish as long as it all comes out of your head and your heart and onto the paper.

Once you write this letter put it to the side and do not show a single soul, this letter is for your eyes and heart only.

Now I want you to write a second letter to your ex, and this time this letter is going to have no swear words in it, no name calling and no vulgar language. You can express how emotional you are and how much you are hurting however this letter needs to come from a place of love. In this letter I want you to dig deep, I want you to write about how grateful you are for the relationship you had with them, the things you learned, the experiences you shared, anything that comes to mind that is full of love and light please write it down. This letter may take some time to write so give yourself the time to breathe into it, cry over it, let the anger pass and come into it with an open mind full of gratitude.

Once you write this letter I want you to also put it to the side.

Now go and grab the first letter and I want you to either rip it up into tiny little pieces and throw it into the bin or I want you to burn it. My preference was burning it as it was nice and dramatic and felt darn good!

Now let’s go back to the second letter, the one that is filled with gratitude. You have two options with this letter, you can either keep it or you can send it/ give it to your ex, completely unto you, there is no right or wrong choice here. However whatever you decide in this moment will be the final decision for this letter, you cannot decide to keep it and then a months time down the track send it to them, it’s now or never.

How did that feel? For me it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I said everything that I ever wanted to say to them (but technically not).

Each morning before you start your day, I would love for you to write in your journal 3 things that you are grateful for in relation to your ex.
So it can look anything like this:
“I am grateful for ____ as he showed me how to cook better”
“I am grateful for ____ as he showed me how to manage my money better”
“I am grateful for ____ as he loved me for me”
“I am grateful for ____ time he gave me”
“I am grateful for the travel ____ and I did together”
Etc I think you get the point.
Every morning without fail, 3 things, even if you are not feeling it or you really want to go and slash their tyres (put down the knife) I want you to commit to this for the next 12 weeks; at least.

I just want to say I am so proud of you for how far you have come in your journey of healing that shattered heart of yours! I am rooting for you girl and if you ever need a virtual hug I am an email or IG message away.

Until next week…
In Gratitude and Light
Bek xxx


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