Breakup Blog – Week 1


Hey sis!

Welcome to the breakup blog, it is so lovely to have you here with me. I know that you’re probably having trouble reading this because no doubt your eyes are stinging from all that crying you’ve been doing but hang in there because over the next 12 weeks we are going to find your independence again and have you radiating confidence like the queen you are.

We’ve all been in this position, we have all experienced gut wrenching heartbreak one way or another before. That feeling when your heart has been ripped out of your chest, dropped on the ground and stomped on. I know you feel like your in a dark tunnel and everything hurts and you feel like you have no way out however I promise you after investing into repairing yourself and healing your scars you will not only find that bright light but you will come out on top brighter than before.

This first week I want you to have no expectations on yourself, don’t set any intentions and don’t over commit to anyone. Take the time to take a step back from everyone and just breathe into the heartbreak that you are feeling. Often we try and avoid our feelings, we do things to keep us busy and pre occupied rather than acknowledging the loss that has occurred. And by avoiding our feelings we are only suppressing them and I promise you gf they will come to the surface when you least expect it like a slap in the face.

Now is the time to be open and vulnerable with your inner circle of friends and family and let them know where you’re at. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up and call a time out and ask for help. I know we often fear the judgement of others or the “I told you so” when we breakup or have been broken up with from our partners however I promise you the ones that are closest to you only care about your wellbeing and want to ensure you are managing ok and are not alone through this process.

This week is also a good time to really think about those old friendships or friends that you put on the back burner for the sake of your relationship. Yep we are all guilty of cutting ties with our friends or not showing up to events that our friends planned to be with our lover instead therefore causing severed ties with our friendship circles and love being lost. Now that you are thinking about all of those old friendships that were lost in the dust its now a good time to create new ties with those old friends and rekindle that friendship fire. Don’t get me wrong some friendships aren’t worth bringing back out of the archives but you know which ones are worth delving deep for.

So lets recap this week ahead;

  • Breathe into the heartbreak
  • Don’t suppress
  • Say no to everyone this week in order to not overcommit
  • Lean on your inner circle for support, its ok to raise your hand for help
  • Think about those old friendships that were lost in the fire that are truly worth rekindlingSis I won’t sugar coat this to you, we have a long road ahead of us however I know that I am walking beside you, holding your hand through this heartbreak and you are not alone and we will get through this together. There is going to be a lot of open wounds over these next few weeks however we are going to dress them, bandage them and they will become beautiful scars that will remind you of your growth when you look back.

    I hope this weeks blog serves you and gives you abundance in a lacking time right now. You can reach out to me at anytime via if you are needing some extra love and support.

    In gratitude & light

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