A PT’s take on a side hustle

Recently on a weekend away I had the opportunity to interview a beautiful friend of mine named Katie (@kattiiee_08) and I couldn’t pass up this incredible opportunity to be able to share her story with you all.

I met Katie almost a year ago through my online business, we crossed paths when a few of the babes in my business all caught up to go to a Tony Robbins event in Brisbane City. Instantly Katie and I clicked! She is a sun loving babe with long blonde hair and a smile that lights up the universe and don’t even get me started on her vibe, she just oozes warmth and positivity.

Imagine this; our interview took place on a super yacht with champagne in our hands, dance music in the background, crystal blue Gold Coast water lapping around the boat all whilst a drone flew above us filming. Life is bliss.

I wanted to bring Katies story to life on my blog as she is a queen that wears many crowns. She runs her own online health and wellness business (like myself), she also runs her own PT business and is a resident PT at a busy Gold Coast gym and not to mention she is a vet nurse. This babe can truly manage and juggle it all and make it look effortless.

Bek: Hey Katie, I would love for you to share a little bit about your story with us all.

Katie: Hey guys! So a little about me, I’m a huge lover of animals as well as fitness and health. I got into the animal industry and I thought I would be working with animals my whole life, I got 6 years in and realised this wasn’t for me as I was over worked under paid and I knew something had to be more for me. So I said yes to being an online wellness coach as it would allow me to earn an extra income on the side of my full time vet nursing. Soon I realised that I would be earning more than half of what I was making from my vet nursing through my online business. So I took a risk and went down to casual work as a vet nurse and then I started looking for other career options and because I was already an online wellness coach it then lead me to the path of fitness and health. I have always been a little scared to venture down the fitness path but I decided to study to become a personal trainer and I love it, its definitely my true calling. So now I do PT as well as being a wellness coach and being a vet nurse and I can help people wherever I go.

Bek: I love that your side hustle wasn’t your end goal and it was essentially a stepping stone to helping you find your passion.

Katie: Yes definitely, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and this is something that led me to more opportunities now knowing I can be greater than I once thought I could be.

Bek: What is your top 3 tips for people that are wanting to find their passions but don’t know how to go about it and also for people that are trying to juggle multiple roles and are struggling.

Katie: So number one would be just go for it, honestly what is the worst that can happen? You can do it and realise that it wasn’t for you or you can do it and go so far that you never even thought it would be possible.

Number two; follow what your passionate about. Don’t stay in a job because of the money, go where you want to help others, go where you want to be passionate and the money will follow with that.

Number three; make time for yourself and your business, PT’s are busy and I totally get that, I am running three jobs and I am my own boss for all three jobs. Make sure your organised, on your lunch breaks chances are you are on your phone so utilise that time to help others and talk to them and find their pains so you can help them create something bigger and better, your already talking to them about their health goals so you can also talk to them about their lifestyle goals.

Bek: I love that so so much, thank you so much for allowing me to interview you.

I would love to connect with any babes that are reading this that are working an unfulfilling job or are already in the health and fitness industry however feel like each day is ground hog day and you can never get ahead. Head on over to the “Contact me” page, shoot me an email and include your instagram handle and I will be in touch to chat with you in how I can help you live out your passion.



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