Vegetarian Burrito Bowl


1 packet of Microwaveable Basmati Rice

1 small red capsicum diced

½ brown onion diced

1 can of corn kernels (strained)

1 can of black beans (washed and strained)

1 can of Mexican style chilli beans

2 Tblpsns of Paprika

1 Tblspn of Garlic powder

1 Tblspn of Onion Salt


Shredded lettuce

Diced tomato

Grated Cheese


½ ripe avocado

3 Tblspns sour cream

½ juice of a lime


Pan fry diced onion and capsicum on medium heat until softened.

Add in the black beans and cook until charcoal appearance then add in the canned corn kernels.

After 3 mins add in the paprika, garlic powder and onion salt.

Turn the heat to low and add in the Mexican style chilli beans and ¼ cup of water, simmer for 5-7 mins then turn off heat once the consistency has thickened.

While the beans are on simmer in a separate bowl mix all of the guacamole ingredients together, make sure you taste the guacamole and like the flavour, feel free to add more cream, lime or avo in to suit your taste.

Building your bowl:

Layer your bowl in the following way;


Bean mix

Grated Cheese






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