Being a stay at home mum

Often when you think of the title “stay at home mum” you think oh she has a lot of downtime to read books, watch Netflix, go shopping, have lunch dates etc. However I didn’t realise that this wasn’t the case until I became a stay at home mum myself.

I have been a stay at home mum twice now, I was a stay at home mum until Z was 5 months old and then I have recently become one again due to recent job cut backs. I personally don’t think the demands and tasks of a stay at home mum hasn’t changed from Z being 5 months old to her being 14 months old. She still needs me as much as she did when she couldn’t move freely around the house. She still is demanding, she still needs interaction, play time and cuddles.

Being a stay at home mum isn’t all sleep ins and coffee dates there is a lot of hard work that goes into each day, such as cleaning, cooking, dishes, washing and then throw a toddler into the mix. Then you have to make sure they are occupied and kept entertained and that they are learning new things everyday.

I thought I would share with you a day in the life with Z and I.

My day often consists of the following:

7am Wakeup, dress Z, feed Z

7.15am Feed myself whilst my child is screaming at me and pulling on my clothes whilst she demands I share my food with her even though she just ate the exact same meal and was so full she refused to eat anymore by throwing her food on the ground.

7.30am Brush our teeth, well really I brush my teeth she sucks the toothpaste off her toothbrush then she proceeds to pull all of the clothes out of daddas bedside table and throw them all over the ground

7.40am Playtime which means rebuilding the same blocks over and over so Z can knock them all down along with rereading the same book over and over because you can never read to much of “Spot loves his Dad” lol.

9am Morning Tea time, the only quiet time I can manage to get is whilst she is sitting down eating. So if it means sitting down watching Peppa Pig, ill take it.

9.30am Nap Time which is the time I have to clean the house, do the washing and get a workout in and hopefully enough time to squeeze in a shower.

10.30am More playtime which Is playing with the same toys over and over and often putting shoes on little miss so she can take them off again (she insists I put her shoes on, and then she takes them off and we repeat, not sure of her logic here)

12pm Lunchtime

12.30pm Nap time which mostly ends up in not much of a nap rather just playtime in the cot and talking to her stuffed toys, then talking turns to yelling because she doesn’t want to nap so mum ends up getting her out after 20mins of this.

1pm More playtime

2-3pm Second attempt at a nap fingers crossed this one actually works as mum could use a nap herself.

4pm tidy up before Dad gets home and make the house look half decent including myself

5pm Yassss Dad is home! Here you go dad your turn to build blocks only to have them knocked down.

As you can see our routine is a bit mundane and we are mostly inside doing the same things day in and day out so we needed to switch things up a bit. So now each day we schedule in a walk and park play time either really early In the morning or later in the day to avoid the heat.

This week we will be going to our local library to sit and enjoy some story time with bubs in a similar age group. I’m hoping Z actually will sit for 30 mins and not run around the book shelves trying to rip the pages in the books or start smacking the other bubs thinking they are her pet dogs.

I am also in the process of organising swimming lessons for Z to go to every week at our local pool.

And I have been catching up with old friends and new friends who also have little ones that  Z can interact and play with and I can get some adult time (mostly for my sanity).

I am even contemplating a beach day with Z but I don’t know if it will be worth carting all the bags and toddler to the beach only to chase after her whilst she tries to run off and then have to reapply sunscreen 100 times to ensure she doesn’t look like a baby tomato.

I would love to hear what you do each day to keep your little one occupied and happy, right now the beach trip is sounding like more effort then what it would be worth. Leave your comment below and let me know.



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2 thoughts on “Being a stay at home mum

  1. We do play centres/kiddy gyms, bush walks (2.5 year old walks, 8 month old in baby carrier but Z might not be able to walk for long yet?), play dates at parks, visits to other mums houses and have people over, maybe picnic lunch since she still has two naps? Just out the back or at the local park? Outdoor play with the hose or sandpit? There is also a Facebook page called the Bored Toddler that has ideas for indoor activities for toddlers using basic stuff that you’d have at home!!


    1. Thank you for the tips! I think once our back yard is all renod and not so much a mud pit we will be able to do a sandpit and water activities and I love the picnic idea xx


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