Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Bin

I was asked by Tommee Tippee to write up a blog reviewing their Sangenic Nappy Bin, so this is my thoughts on the product after using it for a few weeks. Before starting the review I would like to note even though I am a brand ambassador for Tommee Tippee I am writing this review from a non-biased stand point and letting you all know my honest thoughts regarding this product.

I had seen this product on the shelves of my local Big W stores along with other Babywear stores such as Baby Bounce however I had no real urge to purchase this product due to the fact that I was given scented nappy bags from a friend at my baby shower. However if I hadn’t been given these nappy bags previously I think I would of purchased this product as it looks like a useful product to have next to your change table for those smelly nappies.

Before I go into my thoughts here is a rundown of How the Sangenic Nappy Bin works:

You place the smelly nappy deep into the canister inside the bin

You then turn the toggle around the perimeter of the canister and the plastic bag in the bin starts wrapping itself around the nappy.

Once the nappy is fully wrapped up in the plastic bag you place the lid back over the bin and the lid will then push the nappy down into the bin bucket.

Emptying the bin:

Take the lid off the bin (canister is attached to the lid therefore it will be removed as well)

Chop the plastic bag line using a cutting tool on the inside of the bin and re-tie the cut plastic

Remove the dirty nappies and dispose off

Place lid back on the bin, bin is now ready to use

The Cons:

  • You have to buy refills for the plastic bags to insert inside of the canister, 1 refill costs anywhere from$15 – $19 and will wrap approx. 66 nappies
  • I had approximately 6 nappies in the bin and we had a heatwave and the bin started to smell out Zephaniahs room so I had to empty it straight away

The Pros:

  • Saves multiple trips to the bin
  • Would be a huge help and time saver when changing nappies by yourself as trying to wrestle a dirty nappy, wipes, creams and leggings on a baby is a hard task especially when you are alone with no extra hands to help
  • Nappy bin can hold up to 25+ nappies at a time
  • Nappies are stored in an antibacterial plastic film in the canister which eliminates germs
  • This product would make a great gift to an expecting mother

I do really like this product, I think it saves time, it is innovative and a great help when it comes not only to dirty nappies but also “poo explosions”. I do recommend buying this product not only for yourself but for a baby shower, or any mums who are expecting as a lot of mums wouldn’t think to buys this luxury item. And trust me they will love you for it when they are changing those smelly nappies.

To find out more information and watch the instructional video on the Sangenic Nappy Bin see the link below:


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