Planning a wedding

Im not a wedding co ordinator or a wedding planner however I thought I would share a few litle tips and tricks I learnt when planning my own wedding.

First thing first get a book and treat this like your bible, write everything in it from guest lists right down to the favour for your guests.

Create a Pinterest account and create a board where you can pin images and let your creative juices flow and your imagination run wild.

Figure out your price point and what you will be ok with paying, I didn’t say “happy” because let’s face it spending thousands on flowers or a priest is not always a “happy” experience.

Set a Date, consider the climate when you set your date as you will be in a heavy dress and the groomsmen will be in a not as heavy suit.

Make appointments to look at more than 1 venue, try to visit 3 that way you can decide which is the best option for you both.

Start googling a photographer and or videographer and their work, decide on 2 just in case your preferred photographer is booked out on the date you have set .

Decide on your colour scheme and also your flower arrangements.

Decide on your bridal party- don’t ask your bridal party to early as friendships can change and some friends can be very unreliable, and you don’t want to regret your decision down the track or have people pull out on you (sometimes this in unavoidable though)

Start organizing your guest list (this will change 50 times so don’t worry) Don’t feel pressured by family members or friends to invite certain people, this is your day regardless how high the contribution from your family, ensure you invite the people you want to remember being there.

Send out your save the date cards 9-12 months before hand

Send out your invites 3-6 months before hand

Organize your DJ/ live band and your music list (don’t forget the music for your entrance, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss etc)

Organize the speeches

Decide on the catering and alcohol options – Don’t forget to organize some type of nibbles and drinks for your guests whilst you get your photos taken (providing the ceremony and reception is on the same grounds)

Organize the cake

Organize your thank you gestures for your bridal party and your guests (Etsy was my go to for this)

Organize entertainment, this could range from fire dancers to a photo booth

Get the dress – Here in Aus it generally takes 20 weeks for a wedding dress to be made so make sure you give yourself enough time and factor in additional time and $ for alterations, not all alterations are done by the company you buy the dress from.

Decide and book Hair and Makeup for yourself and the girls (Instagram is great for getting ideas of styles)

Decide on the guys suits, shoes and socks

Book in manicures and pedicures

Decide on jewelry to be worn on the day and shoes

Get the rings

Write your vows

And enjoy your day, it is life changing! You will probably be in hair and makeup for most of the day however the time will fly by and before you know it you will be yelling at your bridesmaids to get you into your dress so you’re not late lol. Things may not go right on the day but don’t get upset, move on and draw your attention to your groom. Soak up every moment and take mental pictures of all of the finer details. Enjoy!










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1 thought on “Planning a wedding

  1. I’m not getting married or even engaged, but these are amazing tips. I’ve taken a few screenshots for when the day happens xo


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