Worth It VS Not Worth It

I have decided to compile a list of items that Aiden and I think are worth buying when you have a bubbah and items that we didn’t find worth it. Please note these are personal opinions and many people may not agree with these opinions and that is ok. I will try to list the costs we paid for each of the below items.

Lets start off with the Worth It list:

Front Pack Carrier $250 – we use our front pack a lot sometimes even weekly from going for a walk to doing our grocery shopping or even cleaning. Babies can be very clingy sometimes and don’t want to be put down so the front pack lets you do everything you need to do whilst still holding your little one.

Lots of clothes – This one may sound funny but a lot of mums are told not to buy to many clothes as babies grow to quick, this is partially correct however I suggest buying a lot of clothes but in different sizes. You will generally get gifted a fair bit of clothes which will last til the size of 000 but from that size onwards your supply will dwindle. So I recommend buying a lot of size 00, 0 and 1 clothes. Tip: just check the seasons before buying clothes so you aren’t buying summer clothes when your baby will be needing winter clothes lol

Play mats/ play stations – I had no idea how bored babies gets and how much stimulation they need from the age of 3 months onwards, so I recommend spending the extra $$ and get a few different play mats and toys that can dangle above bubbahs head when they lay on the matt. After 3 months bubbah will be wanting to sit and even stand so I do recommend you look into a sitting/ standing play station.

Baby Monitor $180 – This is an essential, gone are the days where you trust on the speed of sound to hear your baby wakeup or cough. Some people do think its weird to watch your baby sleep however it gave me piece of mind watching her laying in her cot and seeing her breathe.

Microwave steriliser $50 – For a cheap steriliser it does the job brilliantly, I find the expensive steriliser are very complicated and can be time consuming. Literally we just put the bottles in this tub add 200ml of tap water in and place in the microwave for 8 mins and boom the bottles are all sterilised. I don’t think it could get any easier.

Cloth Nappies $22 for 12 – We brought these cloth nappies from kmart and we used them as spew rags, you don’t need to spend oodles of money on fancy spew rags all they do is get chucked on anyway.

Baby Books – I feel like we should of brought more of these before Zephaniah was born as I am constantly on the hunt now for baby books as she loves our night time reading sesh, then afterwards she holds and chews on the book whilst she waits for her bottle. Tip: If you have a baby shower ask your guests to bring a book instead of a card.

Baby Bath $13 Ikea – This is worth buying however do not spend a lot of money on a baby bath as most of the time you will find you will only use it for 2 months before bub gets to big for it and wants more room to splash around in.

Bassinet $100 Gumtree – We found the same bassinet we wanted on gumtree rather then spending $250 in the shops however if I didn’t find it on gumtree I would of spent the extra cash as I couldn’t imagine having my newborn in another room from me each night. When your a mum you tend to overthink a lot and get anxious over the simplest things so having your baby asleep by your bed of a night time if one less thing to stress over. Tip: You can buy a new mattress from most retailers for a second hand bassinet.

Pram $580 Arlo – Our pram was decently priced when you compare it to other brands, our pram is a godsend, it is a bit big and bulky however I swear I can do so much with it such as change z nappy in it if we are in public and there is no change room insight, she can even nap in it for hours as it lays flat unlike a stroller.

Cot bumper $50 Airwrap – Buying a cot bumper was a no brainer for me, I have seen and heard a lot of horror stories where babies get their fingers, hands and heads stuck between the rails of their cots or when they start crawling they constantly hit their heads on the bars. I did manage to find a breathable cot bumper that will not suffocate your baby if they are ever pressed up against it.

Nappy Bag $70 Oi Oi Bags – I researched our nappy bag like no tomorrow, I found a lot of expensive brand name bags and wanted them however I did find a brand which looked stylish yet functional. We use our nappy bag daily as it goes to my mums house with Z each day and everything fits in it perfectly Tip – I brought my nappy bag off ebay for less then half the price they sell them at the shops, same bag just a lower price.

Back Pack $30 Collette – Funnily enough I brought this one when Z was 3 months old and I wish I brought it sooner. When you are running errands or going shopping you don’t want to be carting around your big nappy bag, you want something that is small enough but will still fit the smaller items such as a nappy and a bottle and formula therefore a back pack is the perfect option for this. Side note; my mum always carried around a back pack and I thought she was a dag and didn’t have much style (sorry mum if your reading) however I said to her the other day that now I understand why she had a back pack as sometimes you just don’t have the hands to be carrying around a child and a nappy bag or pushing a pram and trying to shove your oversized nappy bag underneath.

The Not Worth It List:

Expensive nappies – I feel like when you are a first time mum you feel like you have to buy your baby the best of the best and the most expensive items even if they are the same as a cheaper brand. We used to spend $30 on nappies for Z each fortnight just because they were a name brand however now we only spend $11 and the nappies are just as good they may even be better. Tip: Save as much money as you can whilst being on maternity leave, so if that means ditching the expensive name brand nappies then do it.

New Born Shoes – Yes they are super cute however your bubbah will honestly not even wear them or kick them off.

Feeding Chair $300 inc Ottoman Ikea – I feel like I am still trying to convince Aiden it was worth the money however deep down I know its not worth it. Who wants to be trapped in a room to one spot feeding your baby when you can be feeding your baby in front of the tv or in your comfy bed with your partner. Now its just an expensive place to hold Zephaniahs stuffed toys.

Jolly Jumper – For us this was not worth having as Zephaniah screamed when we put her in it, she didn’t like it one bit. We did borrow ours from a friend so we weren’t out of pocket for this item therefore I do recommend you try and borrow one before buying to see if your baby would enjoy playing in it.

Breast Pump $300 Medela Swing – For myself I know that this was a big waste of money as breast feeding didn’t work out for me. It was a big chunk of our savings to spend on something that I used maybe 5 times. Side note; I am hoping I can use it with our next baby, however I have heard you can sell them on for a decent amount.

Temperature Egg $50 – I seen a few mums raving on about this egg as not only did it tell you the room temperature however it glowed in the dark and could be used as a night light. Firstly the glow isn’t bright so you need a brighter light in the room to use to get around, and secondly I think as a parent you know if the room is to hot or cold for your baby I don’t think you need a egg to tell you this. We often like to see the next mornings temp so we know how to dress Zephaniah for her bed time therefore we just get out our phones and go on the weather app.

Like I said above, you may disagree with our thoughts and you may have found some of these products to be well worth their money and if you did feel free to put your thoughts in the comments below 🙂



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