The Witching Hour

Its 5pm and your partner walks through the door and you are trying to get dinner on the go, do some washing, feed your pets all whilst your baby is sitting there screaming and crying for no reason. Welcome to the witching hour.

The witching hour is very common and not all mums are aware of such a thing, however almost all babies go through this at a certain time of day where they aren’t hungry, they aren’t tired, they don’t have gas, but yet they are still crying and wanting to be picked up and held at the most inconvenient time.

This makes things very difficult, you cant do much when your baby is like this or can you…

Here is an insight into a few things that Aiden and I do to help ease this difficult hour and I have also included some more information on our night time routine.

Zephaniah’s witching hour can start from anywhere between 5pm-6pm and it will carry onto her 7pm bedtime.

So at 4.30-5pm I give Zephaniah a bottle and then we generally go for a walk, if we don’t go for a walk I normally let her have some one on one time with her dada. Then Aiden and I often take turns of showering whilst we lay Zephaniah on our bed and let her roll around whilst watching some cartoons on tv. Generally by this time it is 6pm so we bath Zephaniah and let her kick and play in her bath for approx. 15 mins or when she has had enough. Then we give her a full body massage and read her a book. By 6.30 we feed her one more bottle and we give her some cuddles and then we say our goodnights and go put her in her bed.

Here are a few things that help us cope with the witching hour:

We do not go on our phone or any social media between 5-7pm

We devote the hours of 5-7pm solely to Zephaniah so this means everything else waits including dinner.

We keep Zephaniah busy, we move her, we talk to her, we show her different things and toys.

We give her some tummy time

We give her some nudey rudey time, where she can kick, play and free the vejay (we keep a nappy under her at all times as she is a serial wetter as soon as the nappy is released).

Aiden and I both interact with Zephaniah, we share all of our responsibilities with her and we take turns to read her a book or feed her.

We pre warn our friends and family of this hour if they are around at our house, so they are aware of what they would be walking into.

We do not change our night time routine for other people or other situations, even if I am at my mums house I would still bath Zephaniah change her into her spare set of clothes (I always have one on me) and then I would massage her and feed her like normal and I encourage my family to get involved and watch her play in the bath or help massage her. And it keeps Zephaniah amused when other people get involved as she loves the attention and the different faces around her, mumma and dada can become boring sometimes lol.

Just remember as stressful as the witching hour is, you are not alone and this is a ground hog hour for loads of mums and we are all in this together. Just think at 5pm when you want to pull your hair out and sit in a corner there are thousands of other mums across the country feeling the exact same way.

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