Things I wish I would of known

I have compiled a list of things that I wish I would of known before hand which relates to pregnancy and parenting. Please note these are things that have helped me and may not help everyone and not everyone will agree with my findings/ thoughts.

  • Babies go through growth spurts which will change their world and inturn can be very challenging to your baby and yourself as a parent
  • Babies do more then “eat and sleep”, babies need interaction and they like to be moved around and shown different things and items
  • Babies get bored of their surroundings
  • Sometimes babies just cry no matter what you do to soothe them
  • Baby blues is very common among mums and totally ok (I will do a post on my experience with this soon)
  • Newborns don’t have a routine and they like to feed, sleep and interact on their watch not yours
  • Its ok to put your baby to sleep wherever, your baby does not need to nap in a specific room or area
  • Have your babies routine adapt to your daily routine and do not adapt to your babies schedule as flexible daytime routines are ideal
  • There is no routine on when to feed a baby and how much to feed a baby, everyday will be different as long as they aren’t loosing weight that is the main thing.
  • Co sleeping is totally fine to do and you should not feel guilty if your baby sleeps next to you whether it be for a few hours or the whole night, as long as co sleeping is carried out safely to avoid any injuries to your baby
  • Take a dummy with you to hospital and keep a few spare at home as some babies feel the need to suckle on something and you would rather a dummy be attacked by your baby then your nipples (4 hours of nipple suckling is not fun)
  • The second night in hospital will be the roughest as your baby realises that it is no longer in your womb and can get very scared and need lots of re assurance and cuddles
  • There is no such thing as spoiling your baby, give it all of the love and attention it needs and don’t be afraid to walk around the house cuddling your bundle and showering him or her in lots of kisses
  • Some babies don’t like to be swaddled or confined
  • Breast milk can give your baby severe diarrhoea
  • Most public hospitals wont let your partner stay overnight with you once you’ve had your baby
  • Epidurals can make your body shake un controllably
  • Your body can sweat professedly after birth whilst your are sleeping (night sweats)

Please feel free to share your “things I wish I would of known” in the comments below.

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