The Second Leap

“Would you believe that she is apparently going through her second leap” I told my mum as we were discussing how happy Zephaniah had been a happy settled baby. We were a week into our second leap (8-10 weeks leap) and my little one was completely unfazed, she didn’t cry and wasn’t anywhere near as clingy as the first leap.

3am a few days later and I woke to Zephaniah crying in her bassinet, “here we go” I thought to myself “here is the second leap” Zephaniah normally sleeps through the night so I immediately knew we had hit our second leap. I prepared Zephaniah a bottle, changed her nappy then fed her and put her back in her bassinet and to my surprise she went straight back to sleep. A few hours later she was up and she wasn’t her cheery self, she was whingey and Aiden held her the whole time whilst he got ready for work and the moment he put her down the tears began. “Today is going to be fun” I said to Aiden as he said his goodbyes to us. Because this was Zephaniahs second leap I knew what I was in for and how much she would need her mummy today.

The day didn’t go so bad, I put most of my daily tasks aside and just tendered to her and gave her extra cuddles and she wanted extra bottles, she didn’t really nap that day. She would lay on her play matt for maybe 30 mins at a time without whinging I had to remain in her line of vision, the moment I went into the kitchen and she couldn’t see me the tears began and so did the dropping of the bottom lip.

Before I knew it the day was over and it was 7pm Zephaniahs bedtime, so as per our normal routine we put her down in her bassinet and left the room. All was quiet until 8pm and then Aiden and I started to hear whinging and crying, we froze. “Shit, what do we do” Aiden said to me with confused eyes, I looked back at him with even more confused eyes “I have no idea, she has never woken up before after putting her down, she hasn’t done this before”. We left her whinge it out for 2o mins and then we heard quietness. “Fewf, she has self settled and she’s back asleep” Aiden said to me as he walked out of the room after checking on Zephaniah.

4am and I was woken to whinging and crying again, “Dam, how many nights are we going to do this for” I thought to myself as I picked Zephaniah up and took her to change her nappy whilst Aiden made her a bottle. After Aiden fed her he put her back in her bassinet and climbed into bed, as per Zephaniahs usual form she wouldn’t settle, she whinged and cried so Aiden picked her up, got a dummy and laid her next to him, put the dummy in her mouth and spooned her and patted her bum (which works wonders on babies) and she quietened down and fell asleep. A few hours later and again Zephaniah was very clingy and Aiden had to hold her whilst he got ready for work. As I kissed Aiden goodbye I felt a lot more at ease with my second day on this leap with Zephaniah, I knew what was needed of me and it was ok, I wasn’t feeling anxious at all. The day quickly went by and so did the night, we put Zephaniah down like usual and we didn’t hear a peep. We went to bed that night and I woke up at 6am and Zephaniah was still asleep.

“Yay!” I thought to myself, we are officially out of that leap.

I have noticed since that leap Zephaniah is using her hands better and is able to reach and grab certain items, she has such great co ordination she is starting to lift her shirt up and free the nipples much to my dislike lol (girls will be girls right?!) She has even started rolling over and the conversations are endless, and she even squeals out in enjoyment at her toys and the tv.

I am so relieved that our second leap wasn’t as bad as the first and we knew what to expect this time around.


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