How it all started

“Babe you look beautiful just the way you are” were the words I could hear Aiden whispering in my ear as I laid on my side of the bed sobbing. It was Jan 2013 and I was devastated with the way I looked and felt, I was once a small size 8 and before I knew it I was a solid size 14 pushing 16.

“How did I get here” were my words between sobs. I knew how I got there, I fell in love and I got comfortable and I ditched walking daily for staying in an eating takeaway and watching movies. We partied more which lead to weekends being filled with red bull, vodka and maccas in the mornings. I started smoking and eating takeaway upto 4 times a week, I used to get excited over discussing what fast food chain we should get dinner from.

“I am so fat, I hate myself, I hate my body” is what I said to Aiden. I did, I honestly hated my body, it was wobbly, riddled with cellulite and dimples, stretch marks started to appear, my boobs were saggy and huge, my back hurt, my neck hurt, I was always tired.

From this moment my look on life and my health changed.

I got Aiden to take photos of me. I signed us up for a bootcamp and I started researching healthy foods and what to eat and when to eat.

My first bootcamp session and I pretty much died, the trainer had us running and let me tell you, I don’t run, lets just say if zombies took over the world I would be the first to jump off a bridge as I cant outrun any of those fuckers. Then we were doing burpees and crunches, I had never done a crunch in my life so the only movement that I was doing was moving my neck up and down and of course I thought I was doing great, whilst Aiden was next to me laughing his ass off at my so called crunches (we still joke about my awful form to this day). I would stop exercising the moment the trainer would turn his back to me and then when he would turn back around I would be powering on through (he thought I was doing great). Little did I know is that I was paying him no matter what, so If I was slacking off the only thing I was doing was sabotaging my own results.

Then after a year of bootcamp I decided I needed to find something that I could do at home whenever wherever and something that would focus on compound movements to help improve my strength.

I did my research and I found Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, I really enjoyed it and I seen some great results. It was hard and I had to make myself accountable to show up to my gym room and give it my all. There were days were it was a struggle to get out of bed, or not sit on the couch after work, it was hard having no one to push you to get that last rep out, but I remembered that awful night in 2013 and kept on going. I seen great results with the program which prompted me to purchase her second guide. The second guide focused on lifting weights more then her first guide, and I loved incorporating weights into my training so I loved it more then the first guide.

After around two years of doing the guides I decided to embrace my new love of lifting and find something that is more focused on lifting weights then plyometric training. I had been following Paige Hathaway for some time on instagram and she was advertising workout plans on her website for only $3.99 US pay by the month no lock in contracts. I decided to check it out, it was so cheap, what did I have to loose. I never forget my first session using Paige’s guide, I did my training at home and I never had sweated so much before and I burned more calories then any other workout before, all whilst lifting weights. And that is when I fell in love with lifting. There is something about lifting heavy weights that gives me satisfaction, its almost a turn on, like your body produces this hormone that makes you feel invincible but yet exhaustion all at the one time.

If you want to get fit and change your life for the better, do it, start small and slowly increase until you are at full capacity. And make sure you find something you love to do, if you don’t like running don’t run, walk. Its all about finding something that excites you and keeps you wanting more. Don’t get me wrong there is days where I couldn’t think of anything less I want to do then go workout but if given the choice between a bootcamp and a room full of weights I would choose the weights every day all day.

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2 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. Hahahaha jump of a bridge instead of out running zombies. Just made my night. Your honesty gives me motivation and strength. And just so you know apart from my walking dead facsination, I would carry you before I let you jump off a bridge. Don’t worry I got you with the zombies


    1. Hahaha thank you! Your comment made me smile, especially the bit about carrying me through a zombie apocalypse! Lover you xxx


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